In 1951 at the Rotterdam branche of the of origin Amsterdam surveyors office Allaart-Koenraad the young Kees Groenendijk began to work. His baptism of fire was during the big flood of 1953 (dozens of damages a day). In the sixties the also young Messrs Burgers and Salters were trained as surveyor at this office.

Mid-sixties Mr Allaart died and Mr Koenraad came to Rotterdam to run the office. He was a surveyor specialised in fire damage. The Rotterdam insurance bourse, more focussed on land and maritime transport, demanded a more typical Rotterdam surveyors office. In 1969 arose in that spirit Expertisebureau Groenendijk B.V., founded by Kees Groenendijk together with Messrs Burgers and Salters. In the seventies Kees Groenendijk Jr. joins the club. After having worked together with four surveyors for many years Kees den Ouden is employed to provide rejuvenation within the company.

In 2009 Kees completed his training as registered surveyor. Mr. Burgers retired in 2003 and Mr. Salters in 2005. Both have subsequently played an advisory role for a long time. In 2007 Wouter van Gremberghen joined the team to continue the rejuvenation. After four years he left the firm.

In November 2010 Ben Groenendijk started at Groenendijk to bridge the period between two studies. He enjoyed the work so much that he decided to stay. April 2014 was an all-time low; at a young age (58) Kees Groenendijk Jr. died and the office was continued by Ben Groenendijk, the third generation in the family business.

In 2019 Groenendijk continued together under one roof with Hamer & van Hussen, but under Groenendijk's own company name.